Israeli wines are being reviewed to a greater extent in recent years and their scores are regularly published around the world. Sometimes the different reviewers are in agreement, and sometimes they have contradicting judgments, which is one of the beauties of the world of wine - the variety of opinions.
On the other hand, finding your way through the contradicting grades is not easy and for this purpose the weighted grading, under the name Israel Wine Rating was created as an additional tool for consumers.

Once a year, we will put out a list of the 100 wines that ranked highest in the weighted grading.

The rating is based on average scores assigned to each wine by wine guides, wine magazines, wine critics and by the Golden Grape Cluster competition.

Rules & Regulations:


1.   The scores are put together from various raters of Israeli wines, from Israel and from around the world, all of them esteemed and reputable

2.   Each grader has equal weight and the final rating is the average of all the different scores assigned to the wine

3.   The rating represents an average of at least two factors (e.g. critic X and guide Y or, critic X and magazine Z combined with results of the Golden Grape Cluster competition). In cases where the wine has not been acknowledged by any raters, its grading is based only on the Golden Grape Cluster results.

4.   The wine rating is published annually following Independence Day (a week after the publication of the Golden Grape Cluster results)

5.   We round off the results (91.2 and 90.7 will be rounded off to a score of 91)

6.   Should two wines receive identical score, the one to appear first is the less expensive one

7.   The prices indicated are according to the israeli market

8.   The wines to be published will be the most recent ones that were marketed and ranked

9.   The weighted rating is conducted under the supervision of Adv. Nachman Cohen Zedek and Mr. Haim Spiegel 



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