Israel Wine MapNegev

The Negev lies in the southern part of Israel and is characterized by desert climate.
An imaginary line running north of the city of Be'er Sheva is commonly considered its northern boundary, the border with Egypt is in the south-west of the region, in the east are the Arava and the Jordanian border, and to the west is the Gaza Strip.
A number of wineries chose to take on the challenge of growing vineyards in the desert. The vineyards are mostly planted in higher locations, in the area of the Ramon Crater which is the summit of the Negev Mountains (a line of ridges stretching south of Arad to the center of the Negev), but some vineyards are also planted in lower areas, in villages and individual farms across the Negev Highlands.
Negev Highlands – Vineyard altitude 250-400 m
Negev Mountain – Vineyard altitude 700-850 m