Israel Wine MapJudea

The region of Judea is located in the center of the land of Israel.
It is surrounded by Samaria to the north; the Jordan Valley to the east, the Negev to the south, and the Coastal Plain to the west.
The four distinct areas of the Judean region are:
The Judean Lowlands – located west of the Judean Mountains, all the way to the Costal Plane, are characterized by low hills and planes
Judean Mountains' Western Slopes – Western slopes of the Judea Mountains, characterized by hilliness
Judean Mountains – a mountain range that consists of the Beit-El, Jerusalem, and Hebron Mountains
Judean Desert – located east of the ridge all the way to the Dead Sea

Judean Lowland – Vineyard altitude 50-200 m
Judean Mountains' Western Slopes – Vineyard altitude 200-500 m
Judean Mountains – Vineyard altitude 500-750 m
Judean Desert – Vineyard altitude 400-900 m