מאת מערכת האתר | 14/11/2022

A Professional and Comprehensive Exhibition of Local and Imported Wines will take place in Tel Aviv on 14-15 February 2023.

The exhibition will provide broad coverage of wine brands sold in Israel, and is intended for professionals, traders and large buyers who are invited to taste and select wines for 2023.

Tel Aviv Heichal Hatarbut // 14-15 February 2023

Sommelier Exhibition is regarded as the most important and comprehensive wine event in Israel. The exhibition will be open to professionals: restaurant owners, chefs, sommeliers, hotels management, caterers, journalists, wine shop owners, retail buyers etc. The atmosphere will be professional and business like.

11:30-18:00 – open for traders and professionals only.
18:00-21:30 – open for wine enthusiast.

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Exciting .


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